I have been a celebrant for a wide range of weddings. I have done weddings on the beach, in a river bed, in country gardens, and in homes and traditional venues.  They are all fun and serious at the same time. 

The most important thing for me is that I get it right for the people involved.  That means getting the right balance of fun, celebration, and seriousness that works for the couple.

My knowledge about family differences means that I am sensitive to difficult family circumstances. These can include separations and divorces in parents, former partners of one or both of the couples, or other challenges that are best managed and discussed before the wedding day. 

I am very used to working with children, having had my own and now being a regular grandmother-on-duty for small people. Some couples want to have their children involved in the ceremony and that can be a great deal of fun so long as we know they may be overcome by shyness.  We can also include pets! 

I have a great love for words and language. I write short stories, poems, and non fiction.  This means I have the ability to design a ceremony for you that is both unique and, I hope, beautiful.